Struggling to remain rooted in the depths of positivity,
while modern day eats away at the foundation around me.
And nothing that I do or say seems to rid me of this cynicism.
This isn’t how I hoped I’d ever feel, and I will not allow myself
to become the advocate for everything that I stand against.
And I will not be consumed by pessimism.
I will choose to live, rather than “exist.”
And while the weight of the world pins me down,
I know that humanity is something worth fighting for.
Even though we must acknowledge our flaws
and those of the world around us,
we cannot allow them to control what’s ours.
We control our own destiny, from this day and to the grave.
I will not turn my back on the problems I will face.
I will embrace and overcome, and use them to create a better future.
Living day to day is a gift I refuse to squander away.
We control our own destiny.